Green Tea Macarons with Meyer Lemon Curd

There are so many things that I want to be, and all at once.

I want be fluent in Spanish, and in Russian, a psychology graduate with honors from this University, a PhD student at another university far from here, a social cognitive neuroscientist, an industrial-organizational consultant, a professional chef, caterer, maker of The Best Darn Family Dinners Ever; a traveler of Chile, Russia, Ukraine, Ireland, Spain; a mother, wife, best friend, mentor; someone trusting, gentle, cautious, bold, fierce and independent, quietly confident, thankful, thoughtful, happy, serious, and yet so full of light.  I want to be inspiring, and be inspired.

I also want to be patient, and that is the skill I have mastered least.

Enter: Macarons, also known as Incredible Test of Patience and Will to Succeed.  I used a recipe for green tea macarons from Love & Lemons, and only bothered to read an excellent article about macaron trouble-shooting and tips from Not So Humble Pie after I'd burnt the sugar twice, curdled the egg whites once, didn't rest the batter long enough to prevent the baked macarons from cracking on top, and incorrectly piped the cookies such that I only got the characteristic feet on two of my macarons.  The Love & Lemons recipe did not have a lot of the technical information about macaron-making, so I definitely suggest reading the Not So Humble Pie article first.  I used the recipes for the macarons themselves and the lemon curd (see below) verbatim, so I won't rewrite them here.

I had quite the potty mouth that afternoon.

They were, however, delicious.  But infuriating.  But scrumptious.  But I almost curled up on the floor of my kitchen and cried a little after ruining the egg whites (after I'd already burnt the sugar several times and spilled egg whites all over my counter twice while attempting to measure them).  And then, when I went to make Meyer lemon curd, from The Ginger Snap Girl if you want to know, it went from smooth curd to curdled hot mess right at the last second.  Thankfully I thought to whip it up in the food processor instead of pouring it down the garbage disposal, because it turned out to be pretty tasty.

You win some, you lose some.

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