Chocolate Cake

Hey kids, I'm back. And I have cake.

I know every quarter I say wow, I have a lot of stuff to do, lemme tell you how stressed I am, et cetera, but listen, this has probably been the heaviest course load I've had in my four years. Granted, I'm not also doing nine million other things (i.e. crew and all that it entails), so I am sane and well-rested. But pulling together my honors thesis has been quite the ordeal, on top of the two linguistics papers I told you about last time. Which naturally means that I've made two cakes this week, in addition to a batch of pierogies. I whipped this cake up last night just as I was sitting down to read for my Balkan languages and identity course, because, why not, it's not like I have two weeks left until finals... 

The first cake of the week was a clementine and almond cake with chocolate glaze from, you guessed it, the Jerusalem cookbook. I cannot praise this book enough, truly -- I also made Ottolenghi's burnt eggplant salad (which tastes so much better than it sounds) that I've been eating on pitas with classic hummus (also from his cookbook), swiss chard leaves, pomegranate seeds, mint, and parsley. So. Good. I've been eating my pierogies with a mountain of sour cream and braised red cabbage with apple cider vinegar and caraway seeds, and later this week I've got roasted chicken with parmesan cauliflower lined up. I can't complain. Jimmy has made a series of different vegetable stews, in particular a Moroccan chickpea stew from the New York Times cooking blog, that are super tasty as well. 

While I've been procrastibaking, I've also been planning for super exciting upcoming adventures! Papa Z and I will be doing some apartment hunting in DC in the coming months, so I've been figuring out the city's layout and finding nice places to live. I'll also be doing the classic post-graduation Euro trip this summer, and I've started seriously planning for that as well. Right now I'm thinking of spending a few days in Nice, France, taking a train along the coast to Genoa, Italy, and then hopping over to Bologna before meeting up with Jimmy and his family in Siena, just south of Florence. Then a few days in London before returning to Chicago to pack up and U-Haul over to DC with my life's possessions. Exciting!! 

Life is good, friends. I promise you'll hear more soon, especially because I have photos of two other recipes I've been meaning to share with you. Chao chao for now.

The recipe is from Tasting Table. If you haven't already subscribed to their emails, you really should, I'm just saying, look at this cake.

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