Cauliflower, Potato, + Green Pea Dhal with Naan

I did not used to be a fan of curry. By which I mean, I thought it smelled like feet, and thus tasted like feet. Sorry, turmeric. You're kind of smelly. But, then I realized that there was a world beyond yellow curries. Red curry and I have had a lasting romance ever since (bless you, duck curry from the Snail), and now I have a solid relationship with green curry (protip: put some green curry powder in your lentil soup, it's magical). I've slowly come around to liking the flavor of yellow curry, but am still not super into the typical yellow curry coconut broth that you find at Thai restaurants... I think it's something about the turmeric-coconut combination. Anyway, my weird food opinions aside (still not down with green bell peppers, but that's a story for another day), yellow curry now has its special place in my heart, and has warmed me up to turmeric more generally.

So when I saw this cauliflower, potato, + green pea dhal on Flourishing Foodie, it looked so good that I had to make it. I was still feeling a little hesitant about the turmeric, but since it was combined with garam masala, green peas, and cilantro, I couldn't possibly refuse. I think I'll be making this all spring and summer long (in fact, I just made another batch for this week, and added some fennel). I made whole wheat naan to go along with it, using this recipe from the New York Times' cooking blog and subbing in white whole wheat flour for the all-purpose. They turned out a little tougher than I wanted, but still tasty. I guess that's what I get for messing with a recipe that I'd never made before, but I just slathered on some avocado and was good to go.

Tonight I'm going to try my hand at this raw + vegan chunky monkey ice cream because I'm curious and have lots of frozen bananas, but I'm just going to use bittersweet chocolate because I'm a heathen and don't feel like sourcing cacao nibs right now (so it won't be raw, whatever). I also made vegetable wontons that I'll post about in the coming week, and am looking forward to sitting outside in the finally seasonal warmth eating this Ni├žoise salad. I am determined to make this week totally awesomely excellent, especially because I have finally, finally finished my honors thesis (!!!!!). Only 27 days until graduation, but who's counting?