Hello, friends. Almost a year has passed since I last posted. Time flies when you're balancing a full-time job, long-distance relationship, and PhD applications, eh?

Since October, I said goodbye to my tiny studio apartment, moved into a grown-up apartment with Jimmy, got a joint Costco membership (which is, apparently, a new relationship landmark in today's secular society), and bought an electric coffee grinder that saves 5+ minutes of labor compared to my manual grinder #blessbless. Don't worry Dad, it's got a conical burr in there.

I started boxing, got injured, started training for the Army Ten-Miler, and got injured some more. My arm muscles are looking p good though.

I traveled. Los Angeles. Rockland. New York. Philly. Chicago. Fort Worth. Stillwater. Breckenridge. Nashua. Not in that order. I ate a lot. I drank delicious drinks.

I cut my hair.

I studied for and took the GRE. I wrote my personal statement for PhD applications.

Happily done with the GRE.
I cooked. I made that tiny, tiny kitchen work. 

Lamb meatballs from, you guessed it, the Jerusalem cookbook.
Brûléed bourbon-maple pumpkin pie with chocolate crust. Yes, it was that good.
I also commandeered other people's nice kitchens.

Thanksgiving feast at Tor's house.

And grills.

Grilled seafood paella, featuring Jimmy's forearm.
Now that my oven, stove, counter-space, and fridge are all regular-people sized, I hope to cook more. Already, that's been true. Jimmy's done most of the cooking, actually, but I really want to cook the way I used to. Spontaneously, happily.

I found new food blogs and rediscovered old ones, combined my cookbooks with Jimmy's, and begun dreaming of new recipes. Ya girl is back.