Lemon Soufflé

I am not one for resolutions in a new year. I am not good at keeping them, and therefore do not like to make them. Yes, I have hard time embodying the growth over proficiency mindset in my own life.

This year, though, is different. We must be strong. We must invest in our communities and remain committed to them. To that end, here are some actions I am taking, and I hope these will prompt you to think about what you are doing to support others:

  1. READ. Question everything. If you hear something you don't understand, look it up. Find multiple sources. Stay informed. I am trying to read one poem or essay a day. Today's is Still I Rise by the exquisite Maya Angelou. 
  2. DONATE. Put your money where your mouth is. Many important organizations need you. Black Lives Matter, ACLU, NAACP, National Resources Defense Council, and International Refugee Assistance Project are all great places to start. Look to see if there are any local organizations in your area as well.
  3. VOLUNTEER. Put your time where your mouth is. Are there underserved schools in your area that need tutors? Are there local chapters of organizations you care about? Even if it's only an hour a week, your time is valuable and makes a difference.
  4. NOURISH. Take care of the people around you, and yourself. Feed your friends while you send letters to your representatives. Have a conversation with your relatives over a nice meal. Talk, and listen. Learn from one another.

Regarding item 4, I have had my friends over quite often in the past week to talk, eat, and strategize. Last night was black beans with mustard greens and sweet potatoes; Thursday was pasta, marinara sauce, and a kale salad with homemade caesar dressing.

My friend Worthy and I made these soufflés a few weeks ago, but I hadn't gotten around to posting until now. I didn't know what to write. I hope these words have offered you some food for thought. We didn't make any adaptations to this soufflé recipe, so you can find the instructions that we used here.